Mr Cabbie

After spending the whole of my afternoon in the office, I decided to cab home today. Upon boarding the cab, there was a group of adults, probably in their mid 20s who just ended the St. Patrick’s Day celebration across the road. I was a few steps in front of them and since the cab […]

Top 5 Moments of 2012

Here’s the second topic that Cally, Ben and I are to write about. I thought it was pretty apt since the year is coming to an end and it’s a good time to reflect on what happened. It was really hard picking the top 5 moments because many great things happened this year and they […]

Inspiring People

There are many people around us who we find inspiring. It could be somebody famous, or even your neighbour. I feel that people who just go about doing the things that they love are especially inspiring! The special part about them is that they are not the only ones benefiting from it because while they […]

‘Good morning!’

Through the past few days, or rather the past weeks, I felt like I was soaked in unlimited happiness! Everything was more than fantastic, I woke up smiling almost everyday, feeling very grateful for another day to live, love and give. I’m glad that despite the workload from school, I still managed to have dine […]


I really wonder, how many villages did I save in my past life to have so many amazing people (amazing is such an understatement!) around me? They could have chose to ignore me but they were so kind and supportive! Truly grateful for those who went all out to help me in one way or […]