Short Getaway – Kukup

After our Macs breakfast this morning, 9 of us cousins set off for our short getaway in Kukup, Malaysia. It took us about 2 hours to reach our destination, including the half an hour wait at the immigration counter. We’ve only reached for about 6 hours but we are already having a lot of fun […]

Top 5 Moments of 2012

Here’s the second topic that Cally, Ben and I are to write about. I thought it was pretty apt since the year is coming to an end and it’s a good time to reflect on what happened. It was really hard picking the top 5 moments because many great things happened this year and they […]


Been really long since I prepared breakfast for my family and I’m so glad I did today. The smiles on their faces and are indeed priceless. The time and effort spent is all worth it, especially when they are appreciative. Sometimes its really not the fanciful and expensive meals, but the amount of love put […]

Being 18

My 18th year on this beautiful planet has been a truly amazing one. So much has happened and every day is filled with new surprises and opportunities to bring me one step closer to who I want to be. I am thankful for both the good and not-so-good that has happened because every of these […]


The highlight of my two-months break is finally here! I’ll be leaving for Korea in 9 hours time. There’s a huge blender in my tummy now. I’m so, very grateful and excited for my second visit to Korea but at the same time, I can’t bear to leave the people I love. This isn’t the […]


There’s so much to say I don’t even know where to begin. This trip wouldn’t be as amazing if it wasn’t the wonderful people I travelled with. So thank you Stacy, Jovan, Divyesh, Marcus, Gillian, Jing Yi, Kimberly, Elias, Martin, Firdaus, Mrs Thomas, Mr Steven, Ms Kim and the other awesome people for all the […]

Three nights in Beijing

This has been an enjoyable trip although it’s more of business than leisure. The event that I attended over the past three days was IOC Internet of Things International Symposium. I’ve always wanted to visit China since I was about 14 and I felt really happy when we touched down on Thursday afternoon. That was […]