Embracing Flaws

It’s so easy to pick out the flaws of the people whom you’ve known for a while.

But it takes love, effort and quite a fair bit of courage to embrace them and understand that these imperfections are what makes a person. And then focus on the positive instead of those flaws.

Something that I have been telling myself since I was 13, “Different types of people are positioned in our lives for us to learn to accept them differently.”

If you can’t embrace their differences, simple– “just draw them out of your circle!” said one of my cousins.

Easy as it may sound, how often are we willing to draw people (who may have made huge impacts in our lives in one way or another) out of our circles? And will running away from them help to overcome these characteristics that we can’t accept?

You’ll never know how quickly someone can change your life. Just be grateful, and have a positive mindset.

All will be well.


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