Be Thankful to be Happy

I once came across this quote that says “Thankful people are Happy people.” (I can’t remember the source but I sure am glad that i came across this.) It got me thinking about so many things.

I vividly remember being extremely happy for no specific reasons despite heavy workloads and issues to counter. It felt really good and things always seemed to be going my way. Every morning, I’d kick start my day with some of the most inspiring quotes from everywhere and bounce out of bed for school. I can’t remember one day where I was not happy during that period.

Recently, I’ve been looking for ways and things to do in order to feel like that again. Although I don’t remember it being difficult to achieve, I feel that this time around, there were more things to take into consideration.

After reflecting and a lot of self-talk, I realised that being appreciative is so important. It was probably the law of attraction working its magic. I felt that as I got busier and invested my time in new aspects of my life, my focus shifted. I was stepping out of my comfort zone and things were different from what I was used to. It took me some time to adjust to the new changes, but I am thankful that I managed to. After all, they say change is the only constant and I should only be flexible and ready for it anytime. Its not easy, but that’s how we learn and grow.

Okay, back to being thankful. Despite all the changes, I knew that being thankful is important no matter. I was thankful, and still am. But maybe not as genuine, sadly.

O well, good thing is, there’s still a lot to improve on from here. And I choose to believe that things will only get better from here as I grow to be genuinely thankful!

I’m gonna be busy making my days happier from now. Here’s to happier days ahead!


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