20 little (beautiful) things

Read an article titled ’20 little (beautiful) things’ online and was inspired to do my list of 20 beautiful little things that made a huge difference to my life, or made me a happier person altogether.

1. Being able to wake up this morning.

2. A busy but good day well-spent with the people who makes me happy.

3. Family, Cousins, Nieces and nephews.

4. My handy notebook that helps me keep track of the little things.

5. Lovely handwritten letters.

6. Meals with the people who matter most.

7. Grateful and happy people.

8. Floral dresses.

9. Telepathy.

10. Finishing a piece of work after a long while.

11. Feeling happy again after something negative.

12. The polaroid films taken with some of the most important people in my life, attached on my stationary box.

13. Encouragements.

14. Macarons.

15. Surprises.

16. Bumping into friends I have missed so much.

17. Spending time alone.

18. Thoughtful gifts.

19. Warm smiles on the faces of older adults.

20. Home-cooked food.


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