Dear You,

It’s been long since you spent some really good time alone, hasn’t it?

There isn’t a lot of time left before the shops around town calls it a day, but aren’t you just glad that you’re able to take time off?

You’ve been reminding yourself time and again that its impossible to please everyone around you. So why do you still feel the need to do so? Perhaps, its something that you feel comfortable doing. Guess what, its probably time to step out of your comfort zone and make yourself happy first. Furthermore, how much joy can you bring to the people around you if you’re lacking, right?

That’s not important for now. Go and do what you like, and search within for who you truly are.


Ps. And don’t forget the people who have been there for you right from the beginning. Maybe its time you rearrange your schedule and make time for them. Wake up your idea, you won’t even need someone to remind you about it if those people mattered to you.


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