So Blessed!

“Hahahha aww you’re so sweet joanne. You too if u have exams! Meet up soon!” I just received this text from a girlfriend whom I texted to check if she is okay because her tweets looked worrying. She’s good, which is great. But the first thing that came to my mind was not “hehe aww, […]

The Heart and The Head II

If you love someone or something, you will not wish for anything in return because the best return is giving love. But if you’re waiting for a return, you probably do not love the person/thing as much as you think you do. I guess that’s how you tell when you really love something.

Rough Week Ahead

This week’s agenda: Monday: Class, Meeting, Test and Presentation Tuesday: Class, Meeting Wednesday: Class, Meeting and Presentation Thursday: Class, Meeting Friday: Class, Presentation and Root Canel Surgery I must, must, must remind myself that after this week, things will be a lot better. Anyway, breakfast with bff and Louis this morning was fantastic. We were […]

Hello, February

So Twitter’s (was) down. Before I hit the sacks, I thought I’d to sum up my January and set a goal for the new month. It had been a crazy busy month with meetings almost every day. Yes, busy is a good problem. Over busy is… well, depends on how one sees it but let’s […]