Again, like #10FactsAboutMe, #10ThingsIWantToHappen was trending on Twitter and I decided to jot mine down here. Here goes: 1. Travel to Britain with my family 2. Brothers’ University graduation 3. Build a school in a third world country 4. Many more birthday celebrations for my loved ones, especially my grandparents. 5. People to be more […]

Three nights in Beijing

This has been an enjoyable trip although it’s more of business than leisure. The event that I attended over the past three days was IOC Internet of Things International Symposium. I’ve always wanted to visit China since I was about 14 and I felt really happy when we touched down on Thursday afternoon. That was […]

Science Centre

Last Friday, I spent a good portion of my afternoon in the West alone. Singapore isn’t huge and the most ‘foreign’ place I could think of was the West. Furthermore, the BFF was working at the newly opened JCube. The new mall was so crowded that I even had a little trouble finding a seat […]


I saw this trending on Twitter just a while ago, but was afraid that it’d annoy my followers. So I’m compiling it here! 1. Don’t try too hard to be as important as my family and relatives, you won’t succeed. 2. I love self-help books. Especially those that motivates me to be a better person. […]