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The final lap

I’m currently in Malaysia for some prayers for my demised great granny as I’m composing this entry. Its comforting to see that my relatives have more or less moved on with their lives. However for me, the motive of visiting again is no longer as significant. After all, she has been the main reason for […]

Sources of Motivation

I’m very thankful for the things that some people in my life have shared with me. All the quotes and encouragement are especially meaningful when things get wrong. The workload was getting out of hand some time ago and I managed to pull through it with the constant encouragement, mental and material, from the people […]

twenty-eight, ten

I happened to be flipping my schedule book for 2011 and thought it’d be nice to share a quote I found that someone shared with me. “People don’t want relationships with those who try to force them to do things against their will. Second, it sends the wrong message- one of tension, struggle and conflict. […]

Time of the Semester

Its finally the time of the semester I can think of the things to do during my eight weeks break! I’ve always wanted to complete my to-do list during my previous holidays but because I don’t write them down, I often only remember the things I want to accomplish on the last day of my […]