Mentally drained

Ever felt like your brain’s so saturated that no other information can be absorbed? Or there’s no end to the work that needs to be done? Or maybe there’s so much work to be completed you don’t know where to begin from? Or perhaps, just feeling frustrated with yourself because of all these problems mentioned? […]

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year this year didn’t feel quite the same. It felt quieter and I wasn’t as excited for it compared to the previous years. Probably because of the demise of my great grandmother 2 weeks back. I only began to feel slightly excited on the Eve of CNY before my family had our reunion […]

A letter to grampa

Dearest ah gong, Today’s the second day of the Dragon year. Indeed, time flies. I was washing up and missing you quite badly, thinking, it was May of the previous Dragon year when you left us. How have you been? Everyone’s doing well here and have you met your new great grandchildren? They’re really adorable! […]

Special people

My Mind bombarded me with some questions that my Heart couldn’t answer yesterday. There were factors that triggered these thoughts, but I found myself asking questions that are deeper than what things seem to be on the surface. Ever wondered why are some people extra special to you? Isn’t it funny how they started off […]


Today was one of those day where the things that zoomed past my mind makes me want to reflect. Truthfully, 2011 has been a really amazing year for me. Every day was a whole new experience and another chance to be better than the previous. 7 new babies in my extended family, which makes me […]