Having a fillet-O-fish meal at 7AM in the morning, led me to thinking about someone, which led me to thinking about my future after seeing his path. Just then, I had a strong feel about things. It was an extraordinary feeling I never had before. I felt that I could believe, the best days of my […]

Elections? Uh-uh.

It’s currently 2:11AM and a part of Singapore is waiting for the election results of our next president. I must say that it’s a pretty interesting one because the four candidates share the same surname. For me, I never read anything regarding the presidential election. I only knew that results would be out today. But […]

My roles

Dear diary, it’s been really long. I’m back. However, I regret to inform that this coming back post will not be a happy one. Yesterday was one of those, ‘So who am I?’ days when I get very confused by the many roles that I play everyday. Especially at home. I’m not only the daughter […]