Walking again

In life, falling down isn’t as important as picking yourself up and continuing the race. I do feel good whenever I manage to regain my confidence after a setback. How do I regain my confidence then? I’d think of how fortunate I am compared to many other people all around the world. Just the thought […]


They may not be rich in their pockets, but they are wealthy in their hearts. It aches my heart seeing them suffer from what fate has brought them. They smiled through poverty, are there still any reasons for us to feel sad when we’re leading a better life compared to them? When you think life […]


I’m supposed to be happy today. So many positive things happened. I finally received my enrolment package after a long while; baby Athena came to Earth which makes me an aunt now. Unfortunately, deep inside me, something’s wrong. Something that I can’t explain in words. I feel inferior. I feel useless. I feel hopeless. I […]