Post Os

It’s been a week since Os ended. But I don’t really feel the freedom that I’m supposed to gain. The mutual trust between my folks and I have greatly decreased too. Which is kinda sad. Perhaps they think that I’d go astray if I hang out with my friends too much. Or maybe they’re concerned […]

Thank you!

A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO MADE ME HAPPY YESTERDAY! Thanks to these people for their surprises and wishes: Joyce, Sally, Karen, Xin En, Kenneth, Kiran, Georgina, Shannon, Melvin, Grace, Natalie, Felicia and Sajidah. Thanks to these people for their wishes through texts/fb/twitter: Su Han, Priya, Joanne Lim, Enzlina, Geraldine, Valerie, Fiona, Rebecca, Cherilyn, […]


Yesterday was an awesome day. I guess I’ve spent my birthday wisely because I was awake 3/4 of the day. Big thanks for all who made it special:) It started from the 2nd, where Kiran and Grace conspired with Sajidah to surprise me while we were studying in KFC. They bought a chocolate cake with […]


It’s one more day before I officially turn seventeen. In fact, celebration started yesterday, while studying with Sajidah, Kiran and Grace appeared. I was shocked and touched by Grace’s appearance. They bought me a chocolate cake with a cream mouse on top, as well as two sticks of fish balls from Old Chung Kee. I’m […]