I feel loved

Mom asked me to finish my revision as soon as possible because she wanted to bring me out to buy me a present. I feel like a kid again:) But the sincerity meant a lot more than any present. So, I doubt I’ll buy anything. The quality family time spent is the best present<3 Today […]


I’ve grown to love Math. It makes me sad to think that after today, I won’t be touching it as much as I was required the past three years. Got to credit Ms Tan for her patience and guidance, and making me fall in love with Math. I remember how I scored 26/100 for my […]


Whenever I see a rainbow, I get reminded of the statement ‘No pain no gain’. Reason being, a rainbow only appears after the rain. We should be like the sun, having the courage to shine again after the rain. Smile like a rainbow, You’re sure to make someone’s day:)


O Levels. It seemed like it was seventy days away as of yesterday. But it’s starting tomorrow. Honestly, I’m not really nervous or scared, that’s very worrying. Ahh, the irony. Anyway, I want to thank the many many people who walked through these tough months with me, always believing that I can do it and […]

Wish list

Some of my friends have already been asking what I want for my birthday this year, here’s what I’ve thought of. I hope it didn’t disappoint y’all. 1. For everyone I know to stay healthy. Health is wealth! And that everything my loved ones does will go smoothly for them. 2. Being there for me […]