I’ve officially graduated. Only thing left, is to work hard and be able to tell myself everything was worthwhile when the results are in my hand. Graduation didn’t seem that sad after all, indeed. I love my classmates, everyone one them who walked with me through the best three years of my secondary school life. […]


I was assigned an essay for homework today. Here it is:) Question: Write about a time when you chose to do something against everyone’s advice and the outcome of it. Looking at James reminded me of the incident that happened five years ago… “Miss Chen, may I go to the restroom please?” I covered my […]


Many sees graduating as leaving a familiar place where laughters and joys were shared while tears were shed, and moving on to their next chapter of their lives. Somehow, I don’t feel the sadness that I felt way before I was informed that I were to graduate from my Primary School. Perhaps because I spent […]


When I was younger, I thought that the sound of thunder came from the roarings of dinosaurs. I even thought it was recorded and played every time it rains. When I was younger, I thought being rich and pretty is important. But now, it doesn’t matter anymore. Because being generous to all and being beautiful […]

2 months

Love the phrase on Nat’s shirt- I’M FREE AT LAST. It’ll be my turn to say this in two months time:> Last Friday was the last time I would see Nat before Os end. Meanwhile, I’m gonna spend all my time studying. I’m going to enjoy it. I hope.


I need an answer to these questions. Why is it that every time I plan to do something, I will turn out to be doing something else, not as important as studying? Why is it that every time I want to study, have the motivation to do so, but I’ll end up slacking 10 minutes […]

Dear friend

Dear friend, Please do not be affected by your current situation. My heart aches to see you in this state. I know that it’s hard for you to forget about the other party. After hearing what you’ve shared with me, I tried being in your shoes. I think you’re a strong girl, really. If you […]

A special call

Today, I received an ultra special call that made my day. I actually had a conversation with Nat on the phone! How can life get any better? It went like that: Nat: Hi Joanne. Me: *surprised, sucked in so much air my diaphragm almost burst and shivering* Nat: *laughs* But I didn’t say who I […]


Every one sees the smiling Jo. They wouldn’t know how she really feels because she’ll always put a false smile even when she’s sad. So who’s going to see the other side of me? Who can tolerate the other side of me? The truth is, I keep stuffs to myself, so that no other people […]