Happy birthday, Olivia

Happy 17th birthday, darling!<3 You’re one of the few precious friends who walked through more than ten years of life with me, I’m more than thankful to have a friend like you. Ten years, too little to say a lot but too much to say very little. But it doesn’t matter at all because it’s […]

Love, loving, still loving

They’re unique and show their appreciation in their own ways. I love how we can become so united because we have the same interests, the friendships forged are more than just normal friends from a fan club. The friendship ties are worth remembering. I love how we will always squeeze in time for camwhoring sessions […]


Hi, welcome here. I think you’ll be showered with a lot of love since it’s been long since one of your kind has come to our family. I look forward to seeing you soon. It’s going to be very exciting! You’re going to be the first of the forth. Ciaos.

The Trust

Please, please just trust that I know what I’m doing. How would I bare to waste 9 periods away while I can study well at home? I’d rather enter a university with my academic grades and not by my attendance, which don’t seem that important to me after all, because my attendance is definitely better […]

Last papers

Prelims commence today. This will be the last set of papers that I’ll be doing set by my school. I’ll work very hard to get my targeted score and enter a tertiary school of my choice. I’m thankful for all the encouragement my loved ones gave in a way or another. A simple ‘Study hard!’ […]

I Can’t

I found this story attached behind a practice paper, a motivational story. Enjoy. *** I was the quintessential “I can’t” child – the ┬áposter child for the advancement of the word “can’t”. Whatever my mother told or asked me to do was immediately followed by my whining,”I caaaaan’t.” Consequently, very few tasks or goals that […]