Happy birthday Felicia!

HAPPY¬†BIRTHDAY¬†DARLING! Although it’s only about 2 years since I knew you, it feels like we’ve been friends for a very long time. I’ve got so much beautiful memories spending time with you. Those crazy times where we went all the way to Republic Poly just to try our luck to see if Nat was filming, […]

New toy

  This is the toy that I’ve spent a lot of time on. Remember those girly and fanciful chops that your mom used to but for you? Yes, it’s one of those. Actually, this wasn’t really bought on impulse. There were three different packages with different chops and I thought this was the best among […]


Hey you, thank you very much for bothering to reply to the mail despite the long day you had to go through. It definitely brightened up my day and prolly the week ahead. It was really nice to hear from you. No problem for the compliments cause you deserve every bit of it. But those […]

S even/tudy

7 times in 7 days! That makes an average of seeing Nat once everyday. Life can’t get any better. If I was asked if which was the best among all 7, I would say all were equally fantastic! It’s indeed a motivation for me to work harder. Especially on Friday. It’s an inside story though(: […]

The Final Showdown

I will win this race. Coming to think of it, I’m left with barely a hundred days before sitting for the major papers in October/November. Taking away some time to have fun in the midst of intensive study, I’m left with about 90 odd days. I’ll need to treasure every minute that I have to […]


All it takes, is a little encouragement to cheer me on. All it takes, is a little push to keep me going. All it takes, is a warm smile to make me smile as well. All it takes, is laughter to make me happy. All it takes, is a hearty meal to give me the […]