(Okay, I know I’ve got imbalanced eyes) My initial plan was to donate my hair to the cancer kids, I really wanted to donate. So I went around asking but to no avail. So, due to stress the weight of my hair, i decided that it’s time I should snip them off(: And so I […]


Holidays are over at a glance. Time to return to study land and make full use of the remaining time to prepare for O Levels. It’s barely 4 months left. Sacrifices may be required. By all means. – Had a gathering with Nat today, where we cooked some dishes. It was really enjoyable. Talk about […]

Friends overcoming obstacles

It’s not easy to overcome a problem or an obstacle yourself. Burdens are always lighter when a special friend of eleven years shares it with you. Neither is it nice to keep all your worries to yourself and facing all types of shits alone. Though not much can be done at times, but a friend […]

My Weekend

This was part of my fruitful weekend. It was so eventful that time passed without me knowing, and I wasn’t as tired despite the super little sleep I had. Saturady- Brought Kenn over to Chinatown Point where One Minute Of Fame was held. Seriously, people must have thought that he was one of the contestants […]


Dearest grandpa, How’re you doing in the heavens? It must be really fun up there with no medicines, injections etc. You left us a decade ago but you’re still deeply loved and remembered in our hearts. I still can’t stop thinking of the things that you used to do when you were still with us. […]


(L-R: M, Grace, myself and Cassy) I’ve got no idea why the silly things that happen to our clique keep appearing in my mind nowadays. Guess I’m missing them too much already. Grace’s: Her nickname, namelase, is supposingly pronounced as ‘name-less'( ‘less’ as in rest’less’). But apparently, our Geography teacher actually thought it was an […]