Silly moments

Sometimes, when I do something silly alone/in front of others, I will laugh at myself. I have no idea why either. Perhaps I was just trying to loosen the tense atmosphere, or just to cheer myself up. Like everyone, I find myself silly at times, and those are the times that I will recall when […]

The Pencil Theory

Have you heard about the pencil theory? We often complain/break down while in the midst of overcoming an obstacle, expected or otherwise. Unfortunately, due to the disadvanges that the obstacle shows, we often forget that we’d become a tougher person if we manage to overcome the problem. This also causes us to loose the confidence […]

If life was a game…

If life was a game, then I’ve got a few questions. Someone enlighten me please. If life was a game, where’s the 2000 dollars that I’ll get whenever I go towards the GO box? If life was a game, where’s the ‘pass’ card when I have a choice to escape from the bad choices that […]

Mothers’ Day

Mummy, Ily<3 Everyone tend to boast about their mummies today. But not me bacause I boast about her everyday and I guess I’ll never be able to stop boasting. She may be strict, but she knows when to be gentle as well. She may look strong from the outside, but actually, she’s fragile on the […]

Too excited or too worried?

Super random photo taken in January. It’s actually 4am going 5 soon and I’m awake. What’s worse, I’m sitting for my A Math paper one in about 3 hours time. If I continue to lay on the bed, I still won’t be able to get back to sleep, cause that’s what I’ve been doing for […]