Unlucky? Or a blessing in disguise?

Today’s really not my day. Everything goes against me, somehow. Firstly, I woke up at 7:02am, only to realise that there’s only thirteen minutes for me to get prepared before leaving for school. What’s worse was that there were English Papers today(and a PE test, didn’t prepare for it at all). Thankfully, school was only […]


Parents will be back home in 2 hours time! I’m in high spirits now! Anyway, the teddy above was baked by yours truly today, for my dad and mom. I also made some brownie stars for some darlings I’ll be meeting tomorrow. I hope they don’t find it too sweet. On a side note, please […]

Three in one

Life without parents is really miserable. I guess this is the way I can learn to be independent. I’m missing them a lot already. Am also planning to study overnight at the airport and give my dad and mom a(I hope) pleasant surprise when they return! The best souvenir that they can bring back is […]

Our Winner

Star Awards 2010, Favourite Male Character: NAT! I was so happy that I teared, tears of joy(: Nat, you deserve this award for working so hard on every project given to you. Continue to excel and fill your cupboard with trophies. We’ll always be supporting you no matter what, because your attitude towards work is […]


Yesterday was the last official event that I participated as a Choir member. It has been a roller ¬†coaster ride these four and a half years. I can vividly remember myself walking into the AVA Room that looked friendly, thinking that Choir was just a singing CCA, a slacky one where not much effort was […]

The Smile

Have you ever feel disappointed for not meeting the expectations of yourself or your parents? Have you ever feel as if you let the whole world down? Have you ever feel angry that you’ve not been doing what you’re supposed to? Add them all up, is what I am feeling now. Plain disappointment in myself. […]

Good Friday

I can remember spending my Good Friday last year with awesome people watching Nat film Polo Boys. It was indeed a brand new experience to watch how a drama is filmed. All I can say is, it’s not an easy job being an actor/actress. At least not as easy as what many of us expect.