My class had our CIP today. One word to describe the whole experience, fan-tabu-some! I was lucky to take care of the children who were in the home then. Our duty was to play with them at a near-by playground. They were so excited and had longed to have some playground companions. The children there […]

Alarm clock & side note

A few days back, I learnt from my friend’s tweet that something unpleasant happened to one of her loved one. This made me realise that I haven’t been paying attention to many people around me recently. Simply because I’m taking them for granted. So, thank you Jacq, for being my alarm clock, reminding me to […]

My hero – Dad

On the 14th of March 1965, a hero was born. He grew up being the quietest child among all his siblings and was the one who would volunteer to fix things that were spoilt at home. He wouldn’t get up onto anyone’s car unless the driver is someone that he was familiar with, or it’ll […]

Life is short

Aunty Linda, You’ve battled with the deadly disease for a long period. Four years to be exact. This morning, you left us. We may just be friends, but I’m still feeling sad that you’ve left. I may never be able to understand how painful is it to have a 10cm (in radius) tumor inside your […]

I am really lucky

Just had some me-time to find out how lucky I actually am. This was my result: I’m lucky because…      – I’ve got a safe shelter to stay under -I’ve got a perfect family who loves me for who I am -I’ve got wonderful relatives who are ever-supportive -I’ve got lovely bunches on friends who never […]


‘If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.’ -Les Brown Everyone has got their own responsibility, I have mine too. Well, my responsibility now is to study hard for the final exam that I’ll be soon sitting for in October/November. It’s not one that can be taken lightly […]