Some people are worth our forgiveness, but some just don’t. Forgiving can be a simple act, but that only applies to small problems we encounter that will be forgotten after a period of time. In these days where people look very highly at themselves, it’s pretty hard to convince them to apologise or forgive. All […]

VDay note

Valentines Day can be considered as one of the biggest event in school. But the celebration for VDay seems to be pretty low-profile this year. There weren’t any song dedications or whatsoever during recess, no pink and red heart shaped balloons floating in the air. There were a few roses, but most were cotton-rose. Was […]


At some time of the day, I got very angry, but it was only for a while. But coming to think of it, there’s no point being angry at people who I can’t be bothered with, right? One of my close friends told me this ‘they have gone on their way being happy and you […]

Reunion with the NATurals

Yesterday night was a blast! Had a steamboat reunion dinner with the NATurals- friends that I knew from Nat’s forum, plus my cousin. They’re none other than Joyce, Michelle, Karen, Irene, Fiona(and boyf), Yunjia, Olivia, Janyssa and Meiyan. It’s been rather long since the word study didn’t distract me. I has a wonderful time laughing […]

Thank you(:

Believe in yourself and in your dream, Though impossible things may seem Someday, somehow you’ll get through To the goal you have in view. Mountains fall and seas divide, Before the one who in his stride Takes a hard road by day Sweeping obstacles away Believe in yourself and in your plan Say not – […]

Don’t be afraid

And they said,’ As long as you¬†persevere, you’ll make it till the end.’ Today, I met someone who unknowingly motivated me to study hard and get to my desired tertiary school. She told me a story of her brother, who got 6 A1s despite getting C6s during his prelim exams for O Levels. She made […]


Life is full of firsts.¬† Never did I believed in blogging, until when someone told me that it’s a way for people whom you seldom meet to communicate and understand you better. I personally keep a diary and that’s the only place where I pour my sweetest memories and darkest secrets. It’s been long since […]